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[UPDATE] Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army (v1.05) (RUS|ENG|MULTi6) [FLTDOX]

[UPDATE] Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army (v1.05) (RUS|ENG|MULTi6) [FLTDOX]

Общая информация:
Год выпуска: 2013
Защита: Steam
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Немецкий, Французский, Испанский, Итальянский
Версия: Update 1.05
Релиз-группа: FLT

Update Notes:
  Update 1.05 Now available!
  Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army ups the ante with Spring updates
  Two major new features added in less than a month based on player feedback
  Independent UK developer Rebellion has  today  released  update  1.05  for
  co-op survival shooter Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, not  only  enabling
  co-op players to multiply the numbers  of  enemies  they  face,  but  also
  adding support for drop in / drop out functionality.
  Hot on the  heels  of  April's  popular  'Multiplier'  update  -  allowing
  solo-players to multiply the numbers of enemies they  face  to  terrifying
  levels - this update is the second major feature added to the game in less
  than a month based on suggestions and comments  from  the  game's  growing
  Update 1.05 also includes a small selection of fixes.
  Key Features:
  * Drop in / Drop out functionality added. (See technical notes below)
  * Co-op enemy multiplier added. (e.g 2 players can  play  against  4  player
    numbers of enemies)
  Fix list:
  * Fix for potential progression blocker on Cathedral level.
  * Fix for progression blocker on Library Of Evil.
  * Fix to make sure Bullet cam "minimal" settings reduces bullet  cameras  in
  * Fix to stop score points exploit on skeletons.
  Known issues:
  Some single player inter level saves will be invalidated with this update.
  This was due to level progression fixes. If  problems  are  encountered  a
  level restart may be required.
  Technical notes on drop in /drop out:
  * Can only join whilst players are in lobby or in actual gameplay.
  * Cannot join whilst in loading, waiting for players, syncing, cutscenes  or
    end game menus.
  * Private match option blocks all joining.
  * Quick match can be found and joined by any player unless private match  is
  * Private game can only be found and joined by friends,  either  through  an
    invite from host or by selecting to join game from steam in-game  overlay,
    unless private match is selected.
  * The private match option can be toggled both in the lobby and in game  via
    the pause menu.
  * The private match option is not available when in cutscenes  or  end  game
  * Players joining outside safe zones will spawn at the host position.
  * If the enemy multiplier is set to default then when  a  player  joins  the
    enemies increase to match the number of players.
  * If the enemy multiplier is set to default then when a  player  leaves  the
    number of enemies will only decrease to match the player  numbers  when  a
    safe zone is reached.
  * Host must wait for players joining a game to be fully in  gameplay  before
    being able to restart a game - a message box will popup informing the host
    of this.
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